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Training sessions

First training session

( lasts 45-60 minutes):

  • Meeting with the coach

  • Personal information sheet

  • Health questionnaire

  • Defining training objectives

  • Physical measurements (weight, height, blood pressure, % fat, waist circumference, etc.)

  • Cardiovascular Capacity Assessment

  • Muscle capacity assessment

  • Assessment of the level of flexibility 

  • Discussion on training preferences 

Training sessions:

(they last 60 minutes):

Our coaches travel to the place of your choice, at the time of your choice (between 6am and 9pm). They will do the 1 hour training with you. During this time, they motivate you, correct your movements, correct your posture, etc.

The training is specially designed for you according to your objectives and needs. Some of our clients prefer to do more cardio, others more weight training. That's perfect! We adapt our training to your specific needs. 

All sessions end with a 5-10 minute stretching period. It's time to relax and recover!

No need for equipment !

You don't have any equipment, no problem! Most exercises are done without equipment. Our coaches will design a plan adapted to your exercise location.

A gym is at your disposal, Great! Our coaches will take into account the equipment available to maximize your session. We will find a way to maximize training.

Would you like to train in a park? Great!  There's nothing like a breath of fresh air to feel wonderful. Our Kinesiologists will adapt to the place of training. 

You have questions ?... visit our FAQ section or contact us

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